Daniel Redmond - Carleton University
2017-2018 Research Promotion Chair


Thanks for your continued support for ASHRAE Research Canada!

Background from 20121019 Manual for Chapter Operations:

The Research Promotion Committee is appointed by the president-elect in conformance with chapter bylaws. The chair in turn appoints a vice chair and a committee. The number of committee members will depend upon the expected work load. The more individuals, the lighter the load on any single volunteer. Willingness to do the work, however, is most important. Assignments should be made so that no one has more than eight (8) contacts to make. Refer to the Research Promotion Training Manual, Timeline Section for suggestions in structuring the committee (06-06-26-30). The duties of this committee are as follows:

  1. Communicate effectively about the objectives, accomplishments and benefits of ASHRAE research and its value to every ASHRAE member and the industry.
  2. Increase the annual income for Societysponsored research through chapter solicitation of members and businesses which directly or indirectly benefit from ASHRAE research. Contribution goals for businesses are shown in the Research Promotion Training Manual, Timeline Section under the index tab marked “Overview” (06-06-26-31). Contributions from one hundred percent of the membership should be solicited in amounts not less than those used in the formula for Research Promotion for the Presidential Award of Excellence (PAOE).
  3. Develop a plan and set a total goal for funds to be collected. This goal shall be set with the input and commitment of chapter officers.
  4. Develop a prospect list of businesses in the area, especially those represented in the Society membership and those in an ASHRAE-related field.
  5. Assign minimum goals for these prospects as outlined in B above. Discuss each goal and how it was set with each committee member.
  6. Assign each prospect to a committee member and prepare a detailed program with targeted dates for activities and reports. If it appears the schedule will not be met, assign another solicitor to the prospect. Do not hesitate to tactfully remove anyone who is not doing the job.
  7. Follow current administrative procedures for collecting and reporting contributions.
  8. Complete Research Promotion Donor Form and submit with all checks sent to Research Promotion. (See Appendices TT1 and TT2) (03-10-18-59)
  9. Keep good records. A chronological log of events will be useful to committee members in following years. Maintain a written record of each activity.
  10. Cooperate and coordinate efforts with Regional Vice-Chairs for Research Promotion. (For chapters assigned to a region.)
  11. The Research Promotion Committee shall determine the locations in which the Research Promotion training of Research Promotion chapter chairs shall be held. These trainings shall take place between July 15th and September 30th. (520-164-006)(06-01-25/26-10B)
  12. Work with the president-elect to select the Research Promotion Chair one year prior to appointment and involve this person in the current Research Promotion campaign.
  13. Coordinate with chapter officers one meeting per year with “Research” as a theme.