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The following is an edit from the Document entitled
Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter "50 Years of History"
compiled by Frank Bann et al., June 2000

Chapter Meeting minutes are missing for this year, therefore the following is extracted from monthly newsletters and is assumed to be correct:

The Chapter Meetings continued at the Cathay House through this Chapter year.

October's meeting topic was "Roof Top Units - History, Evolution, Present State of the Art, Future Applications, Economics and Service". The speaker was David Robertson of Lennox.

The theme for the year was "Meeting New Challenges", and this was the November meeting topic, with speaker J. Klassen. The future energy crisis and the preparation of data, standards and new regulations, plus a look into the future of recycling, noise pollution and the new metric system, were all discussed.

In January the meeting topic was "Are the High Costs of Construction going to Put us all Out of Business?". The discussion took the form of a panel with various speakers.

February's topic was the "Mechanical Contracting Industry" with speaker H.G. Burchill of the MCA Ottawa.

John Leitch of Arthur Leitch Co. Ltd. was the speaker for March, his topic being "Pump Equipment - Operation, Application, Selection, Intsallation and Maintenance".

In April the topic was "Everything you wanted to know about ASHRAE but were too afraid to ask", a rather interesting idea for discussion, which included questions like "Why does the head table always eat first?" and "What's the CRC?".

At May’s meeting the following slate of Officers were elected in by the members:
President - Lorne Wilson
Vice-President - Rudolf Jetzelsperger
Secretary - Charlie Hobbs
Treasurer - Grant Wilson
Board of Governors - James Black, William Graham, Ray Young

Presumably, President Harry Atkinson turned over his office to the incoming president Lorne Wilson and thanked the executive for their assistance during the past year.



Key Dollar Value in this period

prime minister
Prime Minister
Pierre Trudeau
dollar coin
1 dollar CDN
1.01 dollar U.S.
governor general
Governor General
Roland Michener



Key Events in this period

Beginning of the Watergate Scandal
Paul Henderson became a national hero by scoring the winning goal in game 8 of the summit series with 34 seconds left. Canada wins 6-5 to take the series squeaking by the Soviets
Ottawa - Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau wins federal re-election in a minority government
NHL expands to 16 teams. Atlanta Flames and New York Islanders
Montreal wins the Stanley Cup
April 29 Chicago 3 Montreal 8
May 1 Chicago 1 Montreal 4
May 3 Montreal 4 Chicago 7
May 6 Montreal 4 Chicago 0
May 8 Chicago 8 Montreal 7
May 10 Montreal 6 Chicago 4